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Jon and Chantel married in the UK in 2006 and shortly afterwards moved to Cape Town, South Africa. 

Jon and Chantel spent 6 years in Cape Town, serving in Hillsong South Africa under the leadership of Pastors Phil and Lucinda Dooley. In 2011 they were blessed with their first child Miracle Joy and in 2014, their second, Justice Murray. Jon and Chantel launched SOUL Church in July 2014 in Norwich, UK.

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Jon is a powerful and passionate communicator and has a great ability to connect with all generations and cultures. Jon has been involved in leading young people for many years and now Pastors SOUL Church with his wife Chantel. His energy, humour, love for people and his ability to communicate the Word of God is sure to have a HUGE impact leaving you inspired and encouraged! Jon is also the Chaplain for his home city club, Norwich City FC.

Chantel was born in Los Angeles, California in 1981. She headed over to Hillsong College, Sydney in 2001 where she met her future husband Jon. Chantel is a passionate and anointed worship leader who has sung on Hillsong’s Live and Hillsong United's previous albums. With a powerful testimony of God’s saving grace Chantel has spoken around the globe to bring hope to others who have been through emotional, physical and sexual abuse.